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Direct from Wasted Efforts Productions - A collection of very rare recordings
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Creature 2.7 MB | Sample 728k,
Available on a 2-song Single; from the album "Guilty but Insane"
Punk Metal - sneering vocals, snappin' drums, rippin' guitar, thundering bass
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Voyeur 3.9 MB
from the album "Guilty but Insane"
Punk Metal - ranting vocals, sweet, crunchy guitar, pounding melodic bass - kick ass drums
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Black Xmas 3.2 MB | Sample 338k,
from the upcoming album "Alive In Hell"
Punk Metal - mean guitar - sick lyrics - evil personified
Ahhh... the ways we manipulate religion to kill as we please...

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Alive In Hell 3.5 MB
Title cut from the upcoming album "Alive In Hell"
Punk Metal - crunchy guitar - deep lyrics - are we there yet?



Mercy Killing 4.0 MB
Punk Metal -
 Late 80's - 4-piece - sweet sustaining guitar - twisted to the point lyrics - when ya gotta go... ya gotta go.
This was recorded during the transition days of the band becoming Diabolix from the ashes of the Organ Dönörs


Organ Dönörs
LIVE at the Rat

  Mumbo Jumbo - Red Tape 1.8 MB
Punk -
 Mid 80's - 5-piece - manic twisted singing - socio-political rantings.


Organ Dönörs
LIVE at the Rat



Fun With Mayonaise 1.4 MB
Punk -
 Late 80's - 5-piece - crazy guitars - wacky lyrics - it's all fun and games til someone loses an eye!

Organ Dönörs  


LifeSucker 2.7 MB
Punk -
 Late 80's - Early 90's - 4-piece - hateful guitar - creepy overtones - a camera in the hands of a sociopath...



Blastphemy 1.2 MB
Punk Pop - 1980 - 3-piece - driving bass and poppy guitar - punnery.

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Hip Hippy Punk 2.9 MB Sample 452k,
Punky Pop -
 1981 - 4-piece - Hippies and punks?
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Strange and Rare Takes

Cover Songs by The Phantoms

Green Manalishi - 3.2 MB : Bass/Vocals - David Jay : Guitar - Micky Metts : Drums - Angelo Aversa
The Phantoms were not known for 'cover' songs - they had so many original tunes, covers were not really an option. In 1980 they added 3 covers to their set list, Shapes of Things - Yardbirds, We Gotta Get Outta This Place - The Animals and... Direct from the secret vault comes a very rare cover of a Fleetwood Mac song by Peter Green. This is the Phantoms as a 3-piece.


Very early and ridiculous  Phantoms circa 1976 - 1977

Ballad of Belch Canyon - 1.7 MB : Guitar, Vocals - Micky Metts : Guitar, Vocals - Angelo Aversa -
Recorded late in the evening at the Club 49 in Allston, a spontaneous song played only once, acoustically in the very very early days.

Go Out of Your Mind - 2.8 MB : Guitar, Vocals - Micky Metts : Drums, Bass - Angelo Aversa -
recorded on 2 boom boxes - bass and drums first, then guitars and vocals were recorded by playing the rhythm track tape on one boom box, and playing/singing along while recording it on a 2nd boom box. This method was used for one other song - Red Hot Dollar.