The Phantoms


The Phantoms - The Alien / Anyday (Sci-Fi Rock n Roll)

2 Songs  -  The Phantoms - The Alien / Anyday (Sci-Fi Rock n Roll)

Who are "The Phantoms"?
If you lived in Boston during the 80's and went to any rock clubs, you probably know who they are. You may have even seen them driving around in a convertible MG with bleached blonde mohawks, or arriving at the Modern Theater in a checker cab stuffed with all their gear! Did you catch them as they unapologetically belted out a blast of controversial songs, LIVE on Channel 5 TV -
the TV station had to announce a DISCLAIMER!!

One of Boston's most inscrutable punk rock bands, "The Phantoms" were the first 3 piece band with 2 females, a lead guitarist/songwriter/vocalist and a woman on bass guitar, to consistently play the club circuit in Boston during the late 70's through the mid 80's. Link to LYRICS.

Now for the first time in history, you can own 13 songs by the band that SHOCKED and STUNNED Bostonians and tourists alike. They took the word "PUNK" at face value and learned to play their instruments in public on stage!
Wagon Loopy is but one chapter in a musical career that claims a cache of well over 100 songs written in the span of 10 years and 7 Bass Players. This Website is in the making and the details will be found here... the scandals, the wild parties at "the Club One" - an exclusive underground after hours nightclub that thrived in the early 80's.
Wagon Loopy was recorded at the Club One by Screeg.
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